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Strutting Turkey
Wild Turkey Vocalizations: An Overview for Hunters
Understanding wild turkey vocalizations can increase your chances of locating turkeys during the hunting season. Wild turkeys communicate using a variety of vocalizations, each serving...
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DIY Backcountry Meal
The Easiest Backcountry DIY Packaged Meal
    This DIY packaged meal is great for the backcountry.  It is lightweight and super easy to prepare both in the kitchen and the backcountry.  It is tasty, filling, and packed full...
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Hand position for proper bow grip.
Proper Bow Grip and its Impact on Accuracy
Accurate shots rely on proper shooting technique and shot execution through various steps and fundamentals.  An important element of proper shooting technique is the front hand’s...
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Arrow Building
Optimizing FOC for Accuracy and Penetration
In archery, the “Front of Center” (FOC) refers to the percentage of an arrow’s weight that is concentrated in front of the center of the arrow.  An arrow’s FOC influences its flight...
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The Top 2 Reasons to Seek the Outdoors
In a world dominated by technology, where comfort, ease of access, and approval are characteristics from which we live and find meaning.  Why would anyone seek the outdoors?  After...
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