Proper Bow Grip and its Impact on Accuracy

    Accurate shots rely on proper shooting technique and shot execution through various steps and fundamentals.  An important element of proper shooting technique is the front hand’s position on a bow’s grip.  Understanding that a proper grip forms the foundation of a well-executed shot and how one’s grip can impact precision will significantly enhance shooting accuracy.


    A shooter’s hand position and grip serve as the connection between the archer and the bow.  The shooter’s grip on the bow directly influences the bow’s reaction upon releasing the string.  A proper grip helps maintain stability and control over the bow during the shooting process.  Conversely, an improper grip can induce torque into the bow, negatively affecting arrow flight upon release.


    For a consistent hand position, the bow’s grip should align with the padding between the thumb and Thenar Crease. The Thenar crease runs from the middle of the inner wrist to the notch between the thumb and index finger.  The thumb padding should be flat against the back of the bow’s grip. 

Hand positioning for bow grip

    To achieve the proper hand position and grip, raise your hand straight out to your side and rotate your fingers outward to a 45-degree angle; forming a V-shaped hand position with the Thenar Crease perpendicular to the ground. 

    This hand configuration allows the bow to fit naturally without the pads of the hand inducing uneven torque on the bow.  Consistency in hand placement is key.


    To achieve a proper grip, one should relax the grip pressure ensuring pressure applied to the bow is neither too tight nor too loose. The goal of this amount of pressure is to mitigate any involuntary torque that would cause the bow to move upon releasing the string. 

Hand position for proper bow grip.

    It may be worth taking the time to experiment with different grips to find one that works best for your size and preference.  Less tends to be more with regard to grip size, in the sense that less grip means less contact and unwanted pressure. 

    By incorporating proper grip fundamentals, you can improve your consistency, accuracy, and overall bowhunting performance.  Remember to focus on placing the hand with the thumb pad flat on the back of the grip.  Maintain a relaxed grip pressure to minimize induced torque.  With a consistent and proper bow grip, you will cultivate the necessary skill and ability to enhance your performance and achieve greater accuracy.

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